Latest News on Wales Vs England Match

One of the Underrated matches of the Six Nations Championship is the match between Wales Vs England. Why? Have you known the scores of the past few matches? Let’s know it first. On 27th February 2021, in the last match against Wales Vs England, England showed a great play but in the end, they were defeated by Wales’ players. Wale was rough that day. Wale has come up with 5.5 points. Where on the other hand, England has handicap betting odds of -245.

What Are The Odds of The Wale Vs England Match?

Have you ever heard, What you have done before will have an effect on your future? The same scenario will happen with this match. Everyone including the England team themselves was confident that they would win all the matches against Wale as it is a weaker team. However, the results can be seen. As the Six Nations Championship is going on, two things have been cleared. Wale has seen a good come back after one year and England is full of disappointments. England always gives a fresh start to everything but in the end, they somehow managed to be defeated. In 2019, in the home ground, England was defeated by Scotland by 41-18.

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Wales is winning for some matches. Not only against England, but also against some tough teams, they have shown a great fight. They have defeated Ireland and Scotland by 2-0. Till now, a total of 5 matches has been played against Wales. England has won three times. Depending on that fact, the odds are like these:

  • England has a money line of -245. Its spread is -5.5. 
  • Wales’ money line odd is +185. The spread is +5.5.
  • If these two teams draw with each other, the money line odd will be +1800.

Can England Win?

As mentioned, England is full of mystery this year. They have lost to some unexpected matches. Their huge loss to Scotland, and Italy, makes them down for a while. Two big surprises have happened recently. These two incidents can push England to success somehow. Those are:

  1. Johnny May showed a great performance recently. When England’s other players were doing wrong movements, this man alone tried to cover his teammates. He has won the hearts of millions. Even some sites started giving odds on his performances. If he can hold his best throughout the season and his teammates can back him up, results can be different.
  2. Secondly, which was the most awaited match for the rugby lovers got disturbed. England Vs France match is to be held on 13th March. Though the match will be as scheduled however the star players of the team won’t play due to covid-19 contamination. The whole team is putting their trust in Damian Penaud. 

Let’s hope for the best. We can’t wish for a week’s team Wale to be defeated because they have shown great performance. However, England’s comeback is dependent on them. Bettors are recommended to be ready for the England Vs France match.