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Cricket is the most demanded sport because people love to watch as well as play this game. Betting in cricket can also be a great deal because one can make more money through it. Cricket betting apps can unlock the feature of money-making by which one can earn additional money. You can bet, and along with it, you can make money.

But the main problem which a person is facing is on which app he should bet. Without any doubt, it can be said that online betting is better than offline one because it has more perks and many more advantages. You will get to know some of the applications through which you can make more money.

Betting apps

A wide variety of applications are launched on a daily basis, but all a person needs to remember is that they should bet on registered and genuine applications. The main reason behind this is registered websites cannot commit fraud with you because they have to maintain a reputation in the market. There are lost f betting applications, and the best among them is Dream11 which is a registered and safe website. Let’s discuss more such apps in detail.

Dream 11 app

Dream 11

The dream 11 is a safe and secure app for placing bets and making money. The best part about this app is one can make a team of the best players. The team should be of the current match, which is going to happen. If the assumption of a person is correct and all the players in his team play well, he will win a big jackpot. The game is easy to play, and it is the best money-making application.

The application also gives you a free bet bonus when you log in. moreover, one can get a signup bonus, and a referral bonus can also be availed. While a person registers to the website, he can get some amount of signup perks, whereas a referral bonus can be earned by referring the website to friends. It is the best deal with lots of pocket-friendly bonuses.



The 10CRIC app is a bit different from the above discussed as the bets can be made in another way here. The stakes are made in over system as one can bet once in 5 overs, and one has to predict correctly in it. One has to keep his team ready, and when the correct time comes, he has to launch his team. One can modify his team before launching the team.

You can pay online safely and enjoy betting more. The application also has some perks, which can be availed by you only by registering yourself. It’s better to make money by using your knowledge of cricket. You can test your knowledge and flaunt your skill in this application and also earn money. Let’s discuss some unique advantages through which you can make your interest in betting.

Why bet online in betting apps?

Betting Apps Advantages

There are some advantages that can encourage to bet more on online betting platforms. Some of them will be discussed in the paragraphs given below. Kindly go through them for more knowledge.

Safe transactions

Online betting platforms allow you to bet, and you can take your money out quickly. In contrast, offline betting platforms do not give you this feature as a person has to deal only in cash. Online betting platforms can help to pay through your convenience, and it can be in the form of credit cards, debit cards, UPI payments and Paytm.

The transactions are totally safe and secure; while you withdraw your money, you will get it in 24 hours. No charges are applied by the apps, and the entire amount can be enjoyed by you. Access to the above-mentioned applications and enjoy the advantage of safe and secure payments.


Online betting platforms give you the complete convenience of betting in a suitable environment, and you will enjoy more feature of multitasking. One can take the convenience of staying at their home and no need to travel. All you need to do is access the above discussed and make money through these applications. You can experience convenience in IPL 2021 by betting through suitable platforms.

To sum up, online betting platforms are very well to make money, and you can grab this opportunity. You can go through the above-discussed article and get complete details of the apps. There are some advantages which are also discussed above. Have a look at the article and enjoy betting on cricket.